Our mission

We unlock the value of data
for the mainstream

We build a platform that enables quality and high security data collaboration.
One does not need to be a statistician to get value from the data.

Our passion

Data quality, privacy and security.

At ncode we go beyond compliance with regulations.
By design, privacy and security are fundamental blocks of our platform.

Our platform

Data science for everyone.

Data science should not be a privilege of the few. It should not be limited to the amount of resources an individual or enterprise has access to. Unlocking the value of data can be mainstream. And we are working on making it a reality! ncode reduces barriers of adoption on all fronts: access, engineering, computational, even statistical analysis limitation. We are building a platform that will address all these concerns and do it in one place. An all-in-one API that enables you to monitor, protect, share and collaborate on data

Our background

Financial services, healthcare, pharma,
logistics, energy, fintech

Our dedicated team had worked in regulated environments for several decades. Over and over again we have experienced business delivery being hindered by lack of data quality, sub-par security or worries about access to the underlying data. We see a huge gap in the data analytics market that points to a need for a one stop shop user-friendly platform, whether the user is from the data science community or not. We are determined to apply our skills and experience to deliver the gold standard platform to unlock the value of data, no matter who you are.